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The Many Benefits of a Charitable Gift Annuity

Charitable Gift Annuity
Stock or Cash
Gift Annuity

Described by many as a "gift that gives back," a charitable gift annuity is an ideal gift that benefits Eisenhower while also providing a donor with attractive financial benefits. In sum, a charitable gift annuity will provide financial benefits now and for the rest of the donor's life. The impressive financial benefits of a charitable gift annuity include:

  • Secure income payments for life

  • Annual tax-free income

  • An immediate tax deduction

  • Attractive income payments

The annual payment rates can range from 5.1% per year to 9.0% per year for a one-life annuity. The payment rate is based on the donor's age (or donors' ages) at the time annuity is funded. The rate is guaranteed for the rest of the donor's life by Eisenhower Medical Center. If a donor is married or would like to benefit another family member or friend, a gift annuity can also be set up to pay income for the lives of two individuals.

Charitable gift annuities have increased in popularity especially with retirees because of low interest rates and the unpredictable stock market. The financial press has also highlighted these benefits.

  • "Charitable annuities are the gifts that keep giving. These vehicles allow individuals to support a charity, reduce their tax bill and secure a steady stream of payments for life." Wall Street Journal, Gift Annuities Benefit Donors, Nonprofits, February 3, 2009.

  • "[Charitable Gift Annuities] made a fair amount of sense even when interest rates were somewhat high. Now that long-term Treasurys are yielding a tiny 3%, they make a whole lot of sense for risk-averse retirees." Forbes Magazine, Charitable Annuity Safetynet, January 12, 2009.

  • "Retired clients often want to be philanthropic, but sometimes can't afford to make an outright gift. Some financial advisers see a charitable gift annuity as a way to balance a desire to do good with a need for income." Wall Street Journal, Balancing Do-Good Desire, Need for Income, January 31, 2012.

If you would like to receive a personalized illustration for a charitable gift annuity with Eisenhower Medical Center, please e-mail kardelian@eisenhowerhealth.org or call 760-773-1253.