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Charitable Bequests

Charitable Bequests
Donor's Family

A charitable bequest placed in your will or living trust is a gift that costs nothing to make during your life, but is a gift that can have a transforming impact at Eisenhower Medical Center. A bequest can be a specific amount, a certain asset, or a percentage of your estate. Through your estate plan, you can also include a charitable gift annuity or charitable trust for your family. These types of gifts provide income for life and preserve family wealth.

You may be interested in setting up a bequest to support a particular program or department at Eisenhower Medical Center by designating your gift. For larger bequests, we would also be pleased to speak with you about funding an endowment that can provide income in perpetuity to a specific program or department at Eisenhower.

Donors who include a bequest in their estate plan for Eisenhower will be recognized as a valued member of our Legacy Society. Their names will be permanently listed in the Ike Wing building, which is the front entrance to the hospital and iconic face of Eisenhower Medical Center. Their names will also be published annually in Eisenhower's Philanthropy In Review brochure. We would also be pleased to provide you a list of local attorneys and advisors who can help you put in place a meaningful charitable legacy. (If you are an attorney seeking language for a bequest, please speak with our office to confirm Eisenhower's preferred language.) Should you have any questions about your estate plan and how it can be used to provide a lasting gift to Eisenhower and also benefit family, please contact 760-773-1253.