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Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Stock or Cash

A charitable remainder trust (CRT) is a philanthropic and wealth management tool that can provide impressive financial and charitable benefits now and for the rest of the donor's life. With input from the foundation, a trust is drafted by an attorney that will provide an annual payout rate based on the trust's value every year. This payout typically ranges from five percent to eight percent per year. In some circumstances, a donor may want a fixed dollar amount paid out every year regardless of the trust's value. The trust can be funded with cash, appreciated stock, or real estate.

Because the property can be sold through the trust and is not decreased by taxes, the donor receives an attractive income stream based on the full value of the trust assets. A donor also receives an immediate tax deduction.

After the life of the donor(s) or beneficiaries, the trust remainder is distributed to Eisenhower Medical Center. In summary, a donor can receive the following benefits:

  • Avoid paying all upfront state and federal capital gains taxes on the sale of property, even highly appreciated stock or real estate.

  • Receive a large income tax deduction in the year the trust is funded.

  • Receive an attractive income stream every year from a professionally managed portfolio within the trust.

  • Lock in market gains and take income from the full fair market value of your stocks.

  • Simplify property management tasks by transferring real estate into the trust.

  • Create a transformative legacy for Eisenhower Medical Center and join Eisenhower's family of major donors through our Legacy Society recognition program.

For more information about the benefits of a charitable remainder trust, please call the foundation at 760-773-1253.